2016 Farmers Market Season

Amish potatoes and maple syrup - shelby farmers market 2016

Okay so what the heck happened to January? Isn’t it supposed to be the month that drags on forever? Not so for me this year!

This might be in part to the special Amish winter – farmers market at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site. Have you heard about it? ‘The Our Farms 2 You’ group of Amish farmers from Mio, MI that joined us at the Shelby Farmers Market this past season started gathering such a loyal and regular following of customers that they decided to continue coming out to the PPG every Saturday from 10am-2pm through the winter. This is especially nice for their herd share customers to be able to pick up bottles of fresh milk each week, plus eggs, fresh baked goods, maple syrup, honey, and frozen meats – pork, beef, chicken and lamb.

They are setting up in the car port area which is back behind the gates, turn right into the courtyard area between the buildings, and then it’s all the way at the end on the right. You might notice some doors that look too modern for the rest of the buildings! They put up a wall and two doors to help them stay warm and cozy in the garage. In fact if you’re a vendor that might like to sell some items during the winter, there is space for a couple other vendors to join them in there. You just need to have a strong following, and do a good job of marketing yourself, because no one would know how to find you back there if not!

Amish honey and maple syrup - shelby farmers market 2016

Events at the Packard Proving Grounds

The second season of events was a wonderful success, and brought in a good amount of new revenue for the Packard Motor Car Foundation during 2015. Weddings were by far the most popular type of event to be held at this rustic, vintage venue, but there were also 50th wedding anniversaries, luncheons, a couple wine tastings and car shows, about 90 events in all.

We’ve already exceeding that number for 2016 events, and it’s pretty early yet. If you’ve been wanting to consider holding a special event at the Packard Proving Grounds, be sure to visit www.PackardEvents.org and also checkout the Facebook page listed under ‘Packard Events’ for all the specifics including specific costs and there is a calendar where you can check date availability. We’re onsite every Saturday 9am-3pm through the winter, so stop by for a tour if you’d like to look around at the site.

Amish baked goods - shelby farmers market 2016

2016 Farmers Market Season

This year the Shelby Farmers Market will be starting up on Saturday, May 14th 9am-2pm, and we’re accepting applications for vendors. We are celebrating our 8th season and would really like to focus on growth this year. Be sure to click on the ‘Vendors’ page if you want to be a part of the farmers market this year as a farmer, artisan or vendor – reserve your space now.

We’re also hoping to recruit some volunteers to help grow the farmers market, so if you would like to get involved in some way, please fill out the form and we’ll follow up with you directly. There are lots of ways to help with all different skill sets.

We’re officially a member of the Michigan Farmers Market Association, and we will be participating in the Snap benefits program, plus Senior Fresh and new WIC Fresh this season. All of this along with our awesome new website, so we’re ready to roll for the 2016 season!

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